Raddle network emulator

Raddle is a network emulation framework. It is particularly useful when testing network management systems or teaching people to use them.

A large part of Raddle is concerned with emulating SNMP agents. Their behaviour can be controlled by template files (e.g. using data dumped from real SNMP devices). A configuration library is provided to augment the static data with new interface definitions etc at runtime.

Raddle also includes tools for generating Honeyd configurations. At present the link between these and the SNMP agents is made manually, but there are plans for a more integrated system in the future.

Get Raddle

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Raddle is currently considered to be Beta-test software. It is obtainable from the Sourceforge project page.

The current version is 0.08: see the CHANGELOG for more details.

Raddle is free open-source software. It is made available under an MIT-style licence.


Raddle is based on these packages:

The initial implementation has been tested on Linux. Raddle should work on any platform supported by Honeyd and net-snmp. This includes: Linux, *BSD, Solaris

Programming Raddle

The API docs are generated from embedded pod markup:


Raddle: A long flexible stick, or rod which is woven to make a kind of hedge or fence.

Also, as a verb: To interweave or twist together.

Why? Everything needs a name, and the thesaurus turned up raddle as a possible synonym for network.


Raddle derives from original work done by Andrew Findlay of Skills 1st Ltd. while testing network management systems. It is used in practical network management training courses to provide a realistic network wihthout having to install large amounts of hardware.

Andrew Findlay
October 2009